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Ocean Freight

Sea transport plays one of the leading roles in international shipments due to the numerous inherent advantages. Transportation of large cargo volumes on long distances at comparatively low price is the most important advantage of sea transport.

Specialists of the company will be pleased to offer the following services:

FCL shipments

LCL shipments

Cargo movement control and provision of timely information on all stages of shipment

Drafting and processing of custom and other relevant documents

Arrangement of loading/unloading and shipment (forwarding) on the territory of seaports

Delivery of cargo to the consignee

The following types of containers and cargo are available in case of sea transportation:

Standard containers

Bulky and heavy freight

Bulky and liquid cargo

Dangerous cargo

Cargo subject to specific temperature conditions

RO-RO – is a term used in the logistics, which was derived from the term roll-on/roll off and which denotes transportation of equipment that is rolled on or off the ferry or ship in a self-propelled mode.

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