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Road Freight

The freight forwarder EAM-FREIGHT offers a comprehensive range of forwarding services encompassing logistics and carriage of various goods from any place in Europe to farther destinations in Russia and Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan) and from those destinations back to Europe.

The list of cargoes transported by the Company is quite extensive and versatile including, inter alia, construction materials and oversized equipment. We think that our experience in this sphere can be of interest to you and we look forward to developing a long-term business relationship.

Executing road freight forwarding we provides such additional services:

Execution of all import – export and shipping documents

Warehouse and cargo processing services

Delivery of cargoes to the custom terminal or directly to the warehouse of the recipient

Monitoring of cargoes movement during road freight forwarding

Transportation of containers as well as consolidated, bulk and dangerous cargos and cargos subject to special transportation conditions

All of the above guarantee high quality performance of our work as well as prompt resolution of any issues raised.

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