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Documents for customs clearance

In order that we can clear the goods you are required the following documents and information:

Documents required to carry out the import customs formalities:

-The power of attorney (original) Your company authorizes sia “Forwarder”.(the sample we’ll send

-Trade bill (invoice). The products are invoiced necessary information:

* sender’s name and address

* consignee name and address

* buyer’s name and address, if the buyer is not the consignee of the goods

* delivery address

* invoice number and date

* delivery conditions(according to Incoterms)

* product name and description

* product customs code

* product gross and net weight

* number of units(m2, m3, running meters and etc.)

* price of one unit

* goods value and unit currency

* count of boxes(number of transport seats)

-Transport bill - Invoices for costs of transport, loading and storage of goods, if any, incurred up to the time of customs clearance;


* CMR - is used for car transport

* Air Way Bill - is used for air transport

* Bill of Lading - used for maritime transport

* SMGS - is used for rail traffic

* Postal Waybill - used for transport of mail

-Transit document by which the cargo is brought (T1 - transit declaration, TIR Carnet)

Very useful to know whether your company has authorized a special value added tax arrangements for imports of goods - deferred VAT, which allows to clear the goods clearance time excluding treasury of VAT, but do so only when the goods are leaving your warehouse or when they is sold to another company.

-Proof of origin of the goods - the original (EUR Certificate, Certificate of Origin Form A, AED, invoice - declaration), certificate of origin is not mandatory, but its existence reduces the amount of import rate

-Phytosanitary Border Inspection Document (herbal products - wooden board, fruits, vegetables) will need to be accompanied by phytosanitary certificates. If the goods are on pallets, the PVD on the border must to control and make border crossing document

- If the goods are use for human consumption, then the PVD on border must to control and make border crossing document (toys, food products, etc. It will be necessary for the quality and analysis certificates). Also goods consignee must note that until the clearance of goods will be made - company must make a registration in PVD, it fit to make a timely manner - weeks in advance

-Import licenses (textile, strategic products, drugs, etc.)

-Reduced VAT rates supporting documents (eg. The Ministry of Health Certificate) products that may apply a reduced VAT rate.

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